Educator Resources

Career Pathway Resources
Counselor Career Pathway PowerPoint -- Giving Students the Edge
CTE & High School Reform PowerPoint -- James R. Stone III. Director
Educator Career Pathway PowerPoint -- Giving Students the Edge   
CTE Jeopardy  
CTE Pathway Poster -- 20 x 28
Flatbed Trucks        
Lesson Plans   
Pathway Maps   
Career Pathways materials available in Spanish    
Career Pathways Student Guide -- UtahFutures Edition
Career Pathways Secondary Educator's Guide    
Utah Career Fields brochure    
Health Science Exploration PowerPoint     
Utah CTE Pathways PowerPoint for Teachers      

Promoting CTE    
Suggestions for Promoting CTE in Your Classroom    

Numeracy & Literacy Resources
Math and Literacy in CTE Classes

Work-Based Learning     
Career Fair Ideas     
Networking without Limits -- Jim Woodard    

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- Bill Gates