Handouts/Resources from Professional Development on November 10, 2010

Accounting 1 Review     
Always Rules    
Ideas for Teaching Accounting     
NAF Foundation     

SLCC Pipeline Graphic

Business Management    
Human Resource Abstract Assignment    
Hunter Network CTE Pathway -- Business    
Firms Push Wellness Article    
Newspaper Articles     
Stock Market Game    

CTE Intro - Business     
Badge Builder Simulation Overview     
Megan Rees CTE Intro Files    

CTE Intro - FACS    
CTE Introduction Walkaway    
Food Label Practice - Part 1    
Food Label Practive - Part 2        
New CTE Introduction Programs    
Parts of the Sewing Machine    
What's Growin' On?    

Digital Media     
Digital Media Agenda     
Video Personal Choice Project      

Marketing Entrepreneurship     
Entrepreneur Presentation Outline     
Entrepreneur + Interview     
Herriman Class Flyer     
New School Store Plan     
Performance Objectives     

   Business Plan Project 
Business Plan Assignment     
Income Statement Year 1     
Posters for Business Plan Project    

   New Business Project
Your Own Business Rubric     
You are the Entrepreneur    

   Project in a Box     
List of Supplies
      Project in a Box Presentation     
Project in a Box    

Final Exam Review & Key     
Unit 1 Test & Key     
Unit 2 Test & Key     
Unit 3 Test & Key     
Unit 4 Test & Key    

Medical Anatomy & Physiology     
Table of Contents     
Pages 1-5     
Pages 6-10     
Pages 11-15
   Pages 16-21



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